RT-PCR Android version 32, iOS Version 24, Windows Version 1.11 available now to capture Area as Rural, Urban or Tribal and Date of 2nd Vaccination dose as per revised SRF form. Sample collectors May update App.| In latest RT-PCR app version, the Lab list is getting populated based on the type of Test chosen, as per ICMR authorization. You may check your Lab from to see which Test has been authorised for the specific Laboratory by ICMR. In case your Lab is not authorised for RAT or RT-PCR test, please contact ICMR to get it authorized for the particular Test. When ICMR authorizes the Lab, please Refresh Lab List in RT-PCR app to get the Lab for the particular Test.


The collection of correct data timely is most important during these tough times. The data related to COVID19 RT-PCR, Rapid Antibody and Rapid Antibody Tests is being collected by Government of India with the help of authorized collection centre persons spread throughout the country. The portal at is primarily for entry of authorized person details so that they may use the mobile Apps for transferring RT-PCR, Rapid Antigen and Rapid Antibody tests data to ICMR portal for probable +ve/-ve cases, through their mobile phones. Only authorized Government officials will use this portal.